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Our mission is to bring you the best supplies available on the market. We strive for top customer service. All products listed on our site are the top brands in their fields. We have used many of the products and can attest to their high quality. When you purchase supplies from MJ Sewing & Vinyl you are not only getting the best products to create top quality items but you are also getting our excellent customer service.

We are built with the small business owner in mind. Whether you sell on Etsy, Facebook or at a local boutique we are here to serve you. In order to qualify for our wholesale program please have your state tax id (TIN) ready. If you need assistance getting a TIN please contact your State for more details. In most cases obtaining a TIN is an easy, uncomplicated and quick process.

Rick & Jennifer Henry - Owners

Please note that customers located in Nebraska will be charged sales tax.

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